Eat & Greet at City Market

Posted: 1:05am / 17.04.2013

Well I'm quivering with excitement to tell you all that as of May 5th I will be your sassy host (THINK MORE NIGELLA THAN READY, STEADY, COOK) for the return of the City Market Classes. In an almost perfect evolution of the website, every second Sunday we will bring you loads of the people already featured on Eat & Greet and many more, showcasing what it is they do best - So that you too can meet, greet and eat with these AMAZING PERSONALITIES

So let's see what we have got lined up already...

Kicking it off is super sweetie Agnes Almeida with her chocolate making class. You will learn to properly temper chocolate and mold this luscious lava into perfect chocolates and truffles. And because Mother's day is the following weekend, Agnes will even give you your own "Mum Forever" tin to put them in (but if you are anything like me, you will probably end up eating the chocolates and giving mum a lovely tin for Mother's day!). 

Book here - 


Oh boy, if you have read our story on Vicky, you know this one is going to be a laugh! I don't even have to explain this one. It is dumplings....DUMPLINGS! 

Book here (Edit: This is now SOLD OUT! But we have added a waitlist and if we get enough people we will add an extra class in an off week) -


Woah, pulling out the big guns on this one. This class takes only 10 people and it's a doozy. You'll learn to butcher a chicken into the standard portions, learn how to spatchcock, debone a chicken and a quail… and look, it's Martin Bosley! 

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My unsung hero! It is super genki Daniel san so this class will be loads of fun. I have a feeling that a lot of people will feel like they know how to make sushi. But if you have seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi or eaten sushi in Japan you will know that our common perception of sushi in New Zealand is far different to the traditional practice. This class is a chance to really appreciate the skill and art in sushi making; it will be an educational experience as well as a deeply delicious one! The fish will be freshly filleted that morning - we are even going to try and get fresh wasabi; this won't be the normal sushi rolls you have for under $10. Itadakimasu!!

Book here -


And we are only just getting started. Rachel asked me to compile a wish list of classes I wanted to do… TWENTY SIX classes later I'm slowly ticking each one off.  Also, let me know if you have your own wish list - I'll do my darnedest to make it happen. Let's do this!


Classes will be added every few weeks  -

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