Beth Brash's Birthday Bash

Posted: 10:29pm / 06.05.2013

I never had a 21st. Weirdly, while i love being the centre of attention, something about having a party just for me just felt strange. Maybe it was because I had a core group of friends of about five and i was worried no one would turn up. 

Well yeah, some things change and I wasn't letting this opportunity for a party pass me by ,so I decided to throw a party for my 3oth that would see 73 of my closest friends (I may have had an invite list of 100) sit down over a four course, family-style, Italian feast. It was a magnificent soirée that I could never have imagined possible a few years ago and so much of that is because of this rather exciting Eat & Greet roller coaster I find myself on. The idea for this website was conceived over a beer in Hashigo Zake and all I wanted was to walk into a cafe or restaurant and they greet me by my first name. Well, just under a year from that moment and I now class many of these people as my genuine friends - JoeVicky and Jos were all at the party. Nikki and Agnes sent their apologies but it was Tom, AKA Tom Kirton AKA Tommy Millions that really stepped up to the plate.

When I asked Tom if he would like to cater my 30th he said, "Sure, sounds like fun… if your idea of fun is a giant cluster-fuck." Maybe it is, Tom… maybe it is. Because with 73 people, four courses and BYO, it really does sound like so much could go wrong - but it all went off without a hitch. That is down to Tom and his crew, cranking out Margherita pizzas from his portable woodfire oven, inventing a dessert that if this was New York would have its own food truck by now and realising at 1am the night before that maybe tortellini for 73 wasn't the greatest idea but thank GOD because they were insane (to quote David Chang). The food was unbelievable, everyone had an amazing time, there was a photobooth (naturally), dancing to Kelly Clarkson at the end of the night, STOMP recreated in the clean up and is it weird that I want to do it all again? 

At least a few times when describing the night, thoughtful caring friends said "Oh cool, just like a wedding" …yeah…I guess… but just for ME! Or can I marry that delicious porchetta from the night? (Maybe that is the slippery slope those conservatives have been talking about). 


As far as I'm aware Tommy Millions is now taking his portable woodfire oven to most major Wellington events and if you ask nicely he may even be up for doing another one of these clusterfucks... ahem... I mean catering events.