Eat & Greet at City Market II

Posted: 5:40pm / 17.06.2013

Round two!  We have had so many wonderful people pass through the city market Demo Kitchen over the last few months, The intimate classes mean that every sunday I come away feeling like i've made 10 new-best-friends!

It is with much excitement I announce the next round of classes... 



Little Penang, Big Hearts - Eat & Greet with Tee Phee

We are stepping up the next round with the first class being offered the uncompromising Tee Phee from Little Penang. Learn the intracaties of making a delicious Malaysian curry, fluffy coconut rice and a traditional dessert. This is their first public cooking class so get in quick! 

10 - 11.30am, Sunday 30 June at The City Market. - $40


All American Pie - Eat & Greet with Dough Momma 

Us New Zealanders think savoury when we hear the word pie (and probably also think 4am snack), but we are learning about good ol' American pie with this next class. I first met Brandie when she won every catagory she entered at the Garage Project Pie vs Cake Bake Off! She is one hell of a baker and runs Dough Momma where they deliver American Pie to your DOOR every Friday. On this Sunday the City Market will turn into our own special diner as Brandie teaches us some secrets and we'll get to sample a few of her favourite american sweet pies, washed down with bottomless filter coffee. 

10 - 11.30am, Sunday 14 July at The City Market - $40


Ninja Knife Skills - Eat & Greet with Zoe Lloyd

Learn all the basics of chopping and slicing with Elements Cafe sous chef Zoe Lloyd. Go from slow to pro in just 90mins with this knife skills class. Bring your (probably blunt…) knives from home. We will sharpen them and show you how to take care of them. Learn basic chopping techniques and styles that will get you chopping onions and julienning better than Julia Child.

Not one to let things go to waste we will then cook a dish based on your new skills and enjoy it all together with a glass of wine.

10 - 11.30am, Sunday 28 August at The City Market - $50


Holy Mole! - Eat & Greet with Will Michell

What is that quintessential Mexian dish that holds so much mystery? Is there really chocolate in that dish? Holy moly, it's Mole! 
Together we will learn the secrets to this amaz
ing dish, how to make fresh totillas (you will never go back) and then we will all  sit down tacos, share stories, some history and find out how this geezer from Bristol ended up serving fine Mexican food. 

10 - 11.30am, Sunday 1 September at The City Market - $50


We already have some regulars at the classes (Hey Rob and Stephanie!) so you had better get booking because they are already two steps ahead of you. 

See you there!